Lycra Chair Covers

lycra-chair-coversOur Lycra Chair Covers are a modern decorating solution that will give your next function that stylish and crisp look! The Lycra Chair Covers are One Size Fits Most – Installation is quick and easy as each cover is simply slipped over the chair and secured under the legs using pockets within the chair cover. The fabric is a combination of nylon and spandex yarn. It is known as spandex or elastane and is a synthetic fibre known for its exceptional elasticity. It is lightweight, soft and very smooth. Our Lycra Chair Covers are stunning with or without a complimenting sash or band.


If a colour you are requiring does not feature here, please make contact with us as we obtain new products on a regular basis. We may also order your desired colour in for you! Please note that you are not restricted to one colour, you may include as many colours in your order as you like – perfect for a vibrantly colourful event or to customise with your corporate colours! The Lycra Chair Cover Colours below are featured with white Lycra Bands with decorative bow feature.